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I left a rating but also wanted to thank you in the comments. I had a great time with the game. I was also stuck but figured out how to move on by sheer force of will. Ha! Thanks for the awesome experience! ^_^ 

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Wow I really enjoyed your game! I love point and click mysteries, so this was right up my alley. It took me a little while to find what I needed to do(I guess I should have read the tutorial first) but after that it was good. I talk more about it in my blog here:

The ending was a pleasant surprise, and I love that you opened up after the credits for a sequel! Sign me up :D

Hey! So I don't know if only happened to me but I was happy and scared at the same time while playing your game and then, at some point they were'nt more questions to aske (the only question lead me to death) even if I eept pointing all the objetcs, nothing happenned.

I died like 4 times and I really like the game and want to know what happened to Maggie so.... maybe there is a bug or I'm just not very good at a detective.

Hey kalieena ! Thank you very much for your feedback, your comment is very heart-warming :3 I think I know why you're stucked, but I don't want to spoil other players in the comment... Is there an other way to contact you than commentary ? Thanks !

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